What can Hatch be for my child?

Hatch represents a brand new partnership between Open Door Charity and Utopia Project, two orgnaisations at the forefront of new, progressive ways of working around mental health over the last 10 years.

They are some of the most respected organisations of their kind in Merseyside and have amassed a wealth of experience in not only the most appropriate ways to work with young people around emotional wellbeing, but also understanding the wider impact of this upon the family, friends or carers around them whose own wellbeing is understandably affected by the situation.

We are keen to work with the wider family not only to make it clear and transparent exactly what our interventions are based on along with the solid evidence base which underpins them and also what they are designed to achieve.

Keeping parents involved in this way not only ensures that everybody is aware of progress being made, but also ensures that families are given capacity to play the crucial part in the support process that they need to.

Also, as part of our approach to ensure that our support is holistic we can also provide free, immediate access to Colours where this will be of benefit, which has been proven to be a very useful resource for parents in this situation. Colours is intended to provide support to adults at all ages at the earliest possible opportunity by focusing on proactive solutions through empowering and building resilience.

The programme is intended to provide learning, opportunities for reflection and enabling individuals to practise new techniques that can be invaluable in everyday life and challenging situations.

The programme lasts for four weeks and incorporates different techniques, including self-care and mindfulness, as well as goal setting and providing knowledge about what’s available and relevant to you within the community. Colours is delivered 1-1 by a mentor for one hour per week. In between each session, you are asked to complete a reflective exercise. This helps you to get the most out of your experience and practise techniques at home.

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