What can Hatch be for me?

Hatch is here to make sure that you have emotional wellbeing support available to you, on your terms, when you need it.

Everybody has ups and downs in life and goes through challenging times, it’s a natural part of life, and these things having an effect upon the way we feel is perfectly normal.

But much of the time we aren’t born with the innate ability to cope with these things on our own.

Feelings aren’t always governed by events either, sometimes they can feel like they have come out of nowhere and have begun to have a negative impact on the way that we want to live our lives.

It can be really positive to speak to somebody to learn how and why we feel like we do, help us through them in a way which is not intense, hard, a major effort or a challenge and teach us skills to stay emotionally well now and in the future.

This is Hatch. Basic stuff, but unless you are told you will never know.